March 15: Busting the Alzheimer's myths

Dr Sabat for web

A friend whose husband goes to an Alzheimer's day care facility talks about the friends he is making there: Bob, who also loves gardening, and Carol, who enjoys music and always saves a chair for Peter. And whenever she picks her husband up, he's got a big smile on his face and shares hugs and smiles before leaving.

All of which proves the points Steven Sabat, Ph.D., a noted authority on Alzheimer's disease, will be exploring at the Friday, March 15 Premier Lecture. 
Sabat, a professor emeritus of psychology at Georgetown University, focuses his research on the remaining cognitive and social strengths of people with Alzheimer's disease. 

Not only can people with Alzheimer's make new memories -- and friends -- but social stimulation, music, dance and opportunities to express creativity can help improve the mood, speech and displays of humor in people with dementia, Sabat says. 

While there is still no cure for Alzheimer's, Sabat's message about productive and meaningful ways to interact with loved ones can lead to more enjoyable and meaningful times together. 


Tickets can be purchased online or at the LLL Center Tuesday through Friday, 9 a.m. to noon.

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