Minsuk PLifeLong Learning at PebbleCreek is a volunteer organization that provides opportunities for expanding the knowledge and horizons of the community's residents. Since the Spring of 2005, when three lectures were offered, LifeLong Learning has expanded to a full season of lectures, classes, trips, book and author appearances and special programs. We're proud that many of PebbleCreek's talented residents have shared their knowledge and expertise in our programs. 

Approximately 100 residents volunteer their time to LifeLong Learning. A ten person Leadership Team, led by President Cathy Lindstrom, oversees the volunteer teams that plan the activities. 

In the Spring of 2015, LifeLong Learning became a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization and in July, 2018, LLL will become incorporated.

In 2016 Phyllis and Dennis, formally co-chairs, were awarded the Kare Bear's Founders Award for their outstanding service to the community. To see the nominating letter, signed by all the members of the Board of Directors, click here.  

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LifeLong Learning Wins Awards for Programming and Marketing 

LLL NAHB Award croppedIn 2015 LifeLong Learning at PebbleCreek was named the best lifestyle program in 50+ communities by the National Association of Home Builders. It was nominated for the award by Robson Resort Communities, which also won gold awards for a new model at Robson Ranch, and the best marketing event at SaddleBrook Ranch.

We salute LifeLong Learning for the outstanding program of lectures, classes, special events and trips that it consistently provides to our residents," said John Kiekbusch, president of the PCHOA. “The volunteers that make this program possible have truly added to the quality of life available to PebbleCreek residents. We are very proud of the recognition given to LifeLong Learning that acknowledges the organization's contribution to PebbleCreek.” 

LifeLong Learning is also consistently recognized for its e-newsletter, the weekly email distributed every weekend during the season. See the "Stay in the know" box on the right for more information.

Kare Bears Honors LLL Co-Chairs with Founder's Award

kare bearsPhyllis Minsuk and Dennis DeFrain, co-chairs of PebbleCreek’s LifeLong Learning organization, were the joint recipients of the 2016 Kare Bears Founder’s Community Service Award. The award was presented at the Kare Bears annual Fall luncheon.

Phyllis Minsuk and Dennis DeFrain have been part of LifeLong Learning almost since its inception as an Education Club in 2004-05. After three lectures had been offered to the community, Dennis took on the responsibility of identifying and confirming speakers for Monday Morning Lectures and Premier Lectures, while Phyllis focused on expanding LifeLong Learning’s offerings to include classes, trips and other programs to provide educational opportunities to PebbleCreek residents. She also brought new professionalism to the club, managing its renaming as LifeLong Learning and increasing the way its programs were advertised to the community. 

In 2013, when the founding chair of LifeLong Learning stepped down, Phyllis and Dennis agreed to serve as co-presidents.

As the LifeLong Learning board of directors wrote in their nominating letter: "A true partnership, they put systems in place to bring the club to a more professional level. They updated the bylaws, established a board of directors, applied for and were granted 501(c)(3) status, expanded the volunteer team, and asked for and were granted the use of  space for the LLL Center." 

“Phyllis and Dennis have raised the profile of LifeLong Learning, winning recognition from Active Adult Community boards,” wrote Carole Korzillus, another resident who nominated the team. “Robson Communities’ marketing and advertising now includes LifeLong Learning programs as further incentive to buyers joining the PebbleCreek community.”

Kare Bears established the Founder’s Award in 2001 to honor Rayma Scalzo, founder of Kare Bears.  Each year this prestigious award is presented to a PebbleCreek resident – or in 2016, residents -- who demonstrate, as a volunteer, distinctive leadership and service qualities in any PebbleCreek organization(s) and in the surrounding community. 

Twelve members of the LifeLong Learning team serve on the board and manage the teams that plan activities and events. For more information about the board members' backgrounds click here

The members are: 

  • Cathy Lindstrom, president
  • Emily Grotta, director of Communications  
  • Wendy Frumkin, treasurer
  • Nancy Wilson Smith, Secretary
  • Lorna Bray, Director of Lectures
  • Jeanne Chasko, Director of Volunteers
  • Leslie Miller, director of Ccasses
  • Lisa Greenhoot, Director of Trips
  • Linda Holland, director of Strategic Planning
  • Ruth Shaffer, Treasurer
  • Don Simons, director-at-large
  • Jeff Young, director of community outreach -at-large