In the fall of 2004, Joe and Priscilla Naworski brought together a small group of resourceful PebbleCreek residents with the goal of creating continuing education programs in the community. Not knowing what the demand for such programs might be, they started small: three Monday Morning Lectures attracted a combined attendance of just 232 people.

That was enough to confirm that there was interest in learning in PC. The original Education Club became LifeLong Learning at PebbleCreek and my how LLL has grown! They assembled an ever growing team of volunteers and encouraged them to create new and expanding programs, including trips, classes, Monday Morning Lectures, Premier Lectures and book and author programs.

In 2012, Priscilla decided to step down and Phyllis Minsuk and Dennis DeFrain agreed to co-chair the organization. Additional programs were added, including the Cinema Society of PebbleCreek. A weekly e-newsletter was introduced in 2013 to keep residents informed about learning opportunities both in the community and in the Greater Phoenix Area. In 2014 a new website was introduced so more information about speakers and other events was available.

At the annual meeting in April 2015, the LifeLong Learning at PC team adopted new bylaws which created a nine-member Leadership Team with directors responsible for major portions of activities.

LifeLong Learning applied to the IRS for and received, in the Spring of 2015, designation as a not-for-profit tax-exempt unincorporated organization. 

In 2016 online registration was introduced, enabling those who are not in PebbleCreek on October 1 were able to participate in all LLL progrms. 

LifeLong Learning continues to be a totally volunteer organization, and there are now more than 100 dedicated residents who identify speakers, classes, trips and learning opportunities in the greater Phoenix area.

The current Board of Directors may be viewed online.  

To see the leaders of previous seasons, click on the year.