Thirteen  members of the LifeLong Learning team serve on the board and manage the teams that plan activities and events.

The members are: 

  • Cathy Lindstrom, President
  • Wendy Frumkin, Treasurer
  • Nancy Wilson-Smith, Secretary
  • Lorna Bray, Director of Lectures
  • Jeanne Chasko, Director of Volunteers (through 12/19)
  • Robbie Fox, Director of Volunteers (1/20 - 6/20)
  • Barb Fenster, Director-at-Large
  • Emily Grotta, Director of Communications & Marketing
  • David Hungerford, Director of Special Programs
  • Carol Korzilius, Director of Classes
  • Phil Korzilius, Director-at-Large
  • Susan Roth, Director of Trips
  • Jeff Young, Director of Community Outreach
  • Phyllis Minsuk, Immediate Past President