sussmanWhile most people are aware of the headwaters of the Colorado River, high in the Rocky Mountains in north-central Colorado, and its flow through the Grand Canyon, fewer know about the extraordinary beauty and fascinating geology of the river, where it ends at the Gulf of California in Mexico.

David Sussman, a retired anesthesiologist, who lived with his family in Yuma, AZ, for 43 years, has visited the delta more than 100 times. He has given presentations about the delta in Yuma and the Phoenix area, using his own photographs and knowledge, accumulated over a 50-year span of visiting the area. He has found camel bones and other artifacts in his journeys, which he will bring to the class. 

Sussman says the small fishing village of El Golfo de Santa Clara, a short two-hour drive south of Yuma into Sonora, Mexico, is located in the delta on a 30-mile stretch of white sand beach and warm ocean water.

Fred driving on beachInland from the beach is a 100-square-mile area of eroding badlands that consist of millions of years of the flooding river's annual deposits of sand, silt, and mud. Sussman will explore the flora, fauna, and geology of the area. While he will describe the pitfalls of driving your vehicle off-road down the beach to access its more remote areas, his emphasis will be on the geology and fossil discoveries of the past 20 years in the delta.




DATE/TIME: Wednesday, Jan. 23, 1-3  p.m.



COST: $20