hoxirDrumming is a powerful, ancient meditation method that can still and focus the mind.

Alan Hoxir, who has led meditation groups since the 1970s, is the lead drummer at St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Litchfield Park, and has led drum circles there for five years. In this class, he will introduce how to strike a drum, show various techniques on striking and various rhythms to counter the main beat.

Before leading a 20-minute drum circle, followed by meditation, he will go over the physical benefits of drumming and meditation and review a few of the most popular meditation styles.

It is not necessary to have ever practiced meditation or touched a drum, although if you have an African drum, please bring it, along with a comfortable pillow. Handouts will be given on most of what is covered. The goal is to realize the physical and perhaps the mental benefits of drumming and meditation.

Hoxir was trained as a drummer by Joe Morrello, Dave Brubeck‚Äôs drummer, and worked in the W. 57th Street Studio in New York City with Pete Seeger and Willie Dixon. He is also a registered yoga teacher.  He will bring drums to the class for students to use.

DATE/TIME: Wednesday, Jan. 9, 1-3 p.m.



COST:  $20

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