How to Prevent Hardening of the Attitudes

laughterDiscover the holistic benefits of laughter and examine how laughter can further the mission of health, happiness and even world peace!

This class provides theory and a participatory demonstration of gentle and enjoyable therapeutic laughter exercises. You have the opportunity to discover and receive the mind-body-spirit benefits of therapeutic laughter as the instructor discusses the physiology of laughter and explains the theory of laughter fitness.

Debbie Harbinson, a registered nurse and certified laughter leader, creates educational programs to promote stress resilience and attitudinal healing. She is on the advisory board of the World Laughter Tour and speaks nationally and recently traveled to Nanjing, China, for a presentation that shows laughter is a universal tool to connect us all.

DATE / TIME: Tuesdays, Feb. 13 and  Feb. 20, 1-3 p.m. 



COST: $35