Hesitant to cook with a pressure cooker?  Never shy away again. Learning how to use an Instant Pot, which doubles as a slow cooker, will give students the confidence to use this versatile appliance, thanks to PebbleCreek residents Gail Shank and Madeline Johnson. 

They will demonstrate three straightforward recipes that are guaranteed to succeed. Students will make simple dishes and sample the final products. Asking questions will be strongly encouraged.

Valuable information will be included in various handouts. These will include favorite recipes, a list of reliable food blogs, whose owners give clear directions, a list of things that should and shouldn't be done, and suggestions for innovative ideas for everyday and special dishes.

Your teachers are experts in cooking with the Instant Pot and are happy to share their experiences with others.  


DATE/TIME: Wednesday, Jan. 23, 9:30-11:30 a.m.

LOCATION: Instructor's home


COST: $15