Have I gotta story to tell you

Dave KampfschulteHave you ever sat outside at night, in a circle around a fire and listened to the stories that people tell? The village storyteller was often one of the most honored members in early tribes, because that was how the tribe’s memories, values, and rules were passed down, especially to children. Even in modern times, telling life stories binds us together in powerful ways.

Finding meaning in one’s life is a common challenge for many people. That meaning is often found through the stories that are hidden between the folds of everyday life. Join Dave Kampfschulte on Wednesday, Jan 18., 1 p.m.as he relates his experiences interviewing people for the My Life Story program. You can listen to the common life lessons, thoughts and feelings that wind through our collective lives. After all, if you have had a story, you have had a life!

Kampfschulte is the founder of Amazing Circles Workshops. He is a keynote speaker, author and facilitator for workshops for various groups across the country.  His motto is: Everyone is a story and he honors each story with attention and care. Kampfschulte has been a secondary school teacher, hospice volunteer, crisis counselor, stay-at-home dad and basketball coach. He has a Master's in Education degree, and is a certified grief specialist.



EVENT DATE /TIME:  Wednesday, Jan. 18, 1-3 p.m.


COST:  $20