Gary McDonald
Have you ever wanted to pull your hair out while trying to get your home wireless Internet service to work? When so much of our lives involves using
Wi-Fi, like adjusting your thermostat while on vacation, trying to get that great movie to stream to your TV, or even dealing with your cellphone, it is a necessity to understand how Wi-Fi works.  

On Tuesday, Mar. 7, 1 p.m., Gary McDonald, will unravel the mystery of Wi-Fi service, help you better understand the technology of the Internet and enable you to ensure that your home Wi-Fi service meets your current and future needs.

McDonald, a PebbleCreek resident, spent 40 years in the Cable Telecom industry, where he was Vice President of Operations for Sparklight, with 280,000 customers in nine markets. He continues to monitor changes in technology in this evolving industry, and is eager to share his experience and knowledge with his PebbleCreek neighbors.




EVENT DATE /TIME: Tuesday, March 7, 1-3 p.m.


COST:  $20