Natalie MelkonoffNatalie MelkonoffYou have probably read or heard about the declining monarch butterfly population. But did you know that PebbleCreek Golf Resort became a registered Monarch Way station last year?

PebbleCreek residents Flora Conley and Ross Hart were instrumental in bringing this monarch habitat to PebbleCreek. Come learn how you can help this beautiful butterfly in its recovery process.

Conley and Hart are self-taught monarch conservationists, so to cover the real science, they will be joined by Natalie Melkonoff, who works on monarch and milkweed conservation efforts at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. She will discuss monarch population decline, the current status of the monarch, and its migration patterns through Arizona. She will also bring a variety of native milkweed plants to show.

You will learn how to create a welcoming and perhaps life-saving monarch habitat in your own yard. Conley and Hart will share their experiences planting and growing four varieties of native milkweed, as well as suitable butterfly nectar plants. You also will learn how to distinguish your monarch caterpillars and butterflies from monarch lookalikes, so you won’t embarrass yourself, when you tell all your neighbors you have a monarch, but it turns out to be a queen butterfly. 

We are offering this class in early March, so you will be ready to hit the Desert Botanical Garden's Spring Plant Sale on March 16 and 17 and begin creating your own monarch garden. Three native milkweed plants will be given away as door prizes.


DATE/TIME: Thursday, March 7, 1-3 p.m.



COST: $20

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