FBI and Area Law-Enforcement Agencies Working Together 

task forceThen-Attorney General Loretta Lynch recognizes the
Arizona task force for its outstanding work in 2015. 

It’s nearly unthinkable, but every year thousands of children become victims of crime — whether it’s through kidnappings, violent attacks, sexual abuse or online predators. Rarely a week goes by in the United States that a child pornographer or online predator is not charged or sentenced for federal crimes related to the sexual exploitation of children.

LifeLong Learning at PebbleCreek kicks off its Monday Morning Lecture series at 10 a.m. Oct. 16 as we learn how the FBI investigates crimes against children that involve the internet.

Internet crimes against children, whether for pornography, sexual exploitation, child prostitution or travel with intent to engage in illegal sexual activity with a child, are investigated at the local level by task forces that combine the resources of the FBI with those of other federal, state and local law-enforcement agencies.

Jerry Barker, a sergeant with the Phoenix Police Department and supervisor of the Arizona Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, and FBI Special Agent Candace Rose will talk about some of the crimes that have been investigated in the state. 

Unfortunately, crimes against children have grown exponentially with the growth of the internet, social networking, internet news groups and chat rooms. "Many people ask how we can do this job,” said Barker. “The simple answer is most of our victims still believe in Santa Claus.”

A typical case began in 2015, when Phoenix police received a “cybertip” about child pornography that had been uploaded to the internet. The resulting investigation located the primary suspect and rescued two children from additional abuse and exploitation. The investigation revealed an additional suspect in the United Kingdom and resulted in the rescue of a child in his care who was being abused and exploited. Suspects from several states across the country were identified and charged as a result of this investigation.

Based on these extraordinary efforts and outstanding work, the Task Force received the 2015 Attorney General’s Special Commendation Award in Washington, D.C. 

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