02.03. Photo. Gilbert Zermeo 2019How many of you remember joining your parents or having your children join you to watch the evening news? Everyone in the family, in one room, watching one television, watching one news station. Today the news cycle is a never-ending ticker tape compared to the limited news hours of our youth. People used to watch all views of an issue in one place. Now most news sites are divided to represent individual interest without opposing points of view.

On Monday, Feb. 6, 10 a.m., Gilbert Zermeño, investigative producer and award-winning photojournalist for Channels 3 and 5, will help us to understand how  removal of the Fairness Doctrine, invention of AI algorithms, the insatiable greed of corporate America, and the far-reaching interests of outside investors have co-opted news stations into "echo chambers." The news has changed, but more importantly – what can you do to seek out the truth?


In 1986, Zermeño moved to Phoenix to work for KSAZ-TV. He has covered major events throughout his career - the Los Angeles Riots, Saudi Arabia Desert Storm One, Pope John Paul’s visit to the U.S. and a one-on-one with the president in the White House. He has also covered Arizona by land and air. As the primary videographer for the KSAZ-TV “On the Arizona Road” franchise, he covered every corner of Arizona. 

In 1994, he joined an Investigative Unit for KPHO-TV5. He became a producer/photographer for the unit. He has received over 20 Emmy® Awards and is also a multiple Edward R. Murrow Award winner. Twice he was named the “Best of Phoenix” TV Journalist by New Times Magazine. Zermeño is also a member of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ Rocky Mountain Chapter’s Silver Circle Society.

Zermeño continues to work as an investigative producer/photojournalist and shares his knowledge at the college level. He is an Honors Associate Professor at Arizona State University Walter Cronkite School of Journalism where he teaches videography and editing as well as general life skills. 


Tickets to the lecture are $5 each and will be available in the lobby of the Renaissance Theater beginning at 9 a.m.