I'm Dying To Talk With You -- Note! Change of date

dave  kampfschulte portraitFor most people, dying is the hardest thing in the world to talk about.

At 10 a.m. March 26, Dave Kampfschulte will be in PebbleCreek to advise us on how important it is to talk about death with spouses, parents, children and friends. He will share his insights on how to initiate end-of-life conversations and how to talk about death in a positive way.

Kampfschulte has spent 30 years in the hospice field as a volunteer, educator and author. His experiences have taught him that not talking about death, deprives the survivors and can add to their grief. By sharing stories of how others dealt with end-of-life, you will get a better understanding of how advance planning and conversations can lead to a “good death” - something everyone wishes for, for themselves and their loved ones.

Kampfschulte is the author of I’m Dying To Talk With You,in which he shares conversations he’s had with patients and families on end-of-life decisions and how those  conversations helped families complete the story of their loved ones.

The founder of Amazing Circles Workshops, Kampfschulte facilitates interactive workshops for health care personnel, educators and adult-education groups around the country. His book, Amazing Circles, is about creating a safe emotional environment in which people can tell and process their stories. He has a master's degree in education and is a certified grief specialist.

Prior to his career with Amazing Circles, Dave had experiences as a secondary-school  teacher, hospice volunteer, hotline-crisis counselor, stay-at-home dad, wilderness-canoe-trip leader and basketball coach.

All Monday Morning Lectures are $4 per person at the door of the Renaissance Theater.

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