An atmosphere of uncertainty

Dan Fellner croppedNo region in the world has undergone more dramatic change in the last quarter-century than Eastern Europe. After more than 50 years of Soviet occupation, most of the region’s countries have thrown off the shackles of totalitarianism.

Tensions remain, however, underscored by the recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The emergence of anti-immigration and nationalistic governments has resulted in “frozen conflicts” - situations in which active armed conflicts have been brought to an end, but with no satisfactory resolution. The conflict can reignite at any moment, creating political uncertainty and unpredictability. Dan Fellner, a university instructor and travel writer, will examine  Eastern Europe’s frozen conflicts and its unique and diverse culture at 10 a.m. Monday, March 9.

A seven-time Fulbright fellow, Fellner has 35 years of experience in corporate public relations, television news, travel writing and university teaching in the United States, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. He joined Arizona State University in 1998 and has taught courses in broadcast journalism, public relations, international mass media, intercultural communications and travel writing. He also is a faculty affiliate with ASU's Melikian Center for Russian, Eurasian and East European Studies.

Most recently, he was a Fulbright Specialist at the largest university in North Macedonia.

Tickets to all Monday Morning Lectures are $5 at the door of the Renaissance Theater.