Have you been on a tour of the petroglyphs in Arizona?  

Allen DartNative Americans in the Southwest U.S. developed sophisticated skills in astronomy which helped predict the seasons - important for/and essential in planting crops.  When non-Indian peoples entered the region, they discovered amazing petroglyphs and architecture that helped us to understand how they used “the skies” to survive.

On Monday, Nov. 14, 10 a.m., archeologist Allen Dart will explore the significance of the petroglyphs at Picture Rock, the architecture of the “Great House” at the Casa Grande ruins, and other wonderful finds of ancient southwestern astronomy and calendrical renderings.  

Have you ever wondered what the Native American rituals are based upon?  Dart will explain how the discovery of the petroglyphs have helped us understand many ancient Native American rituals.

Tickets to the lecture are $5 each and will be available in the lobby of the Renaissance Theater beginning at 9 a.m.


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Reading Materials: Time, Ritual, and Reverence at the Picture Rocks Petroglyphs, Pima County, Arizona: A book by Allen Dart