Will an EV be your next car?

What’s the buzz about electric vehicles (EVs)? Whether you are interested in exploring buying an EV, or you want to know more about them from a sustainability perspective, this lecture at 10 a.m., Monday, Oct. 25, will provide a foundation of knowledge.

Dr. Hannah Breetz MMLJoin Hanna Breetz, Ph.D., as she discusses the fundamentals of how EVs work, compares different types of hybrid and battery EVs, and delves into the considerations of range, costs, performance, and environmental impacts. 

Breetz is an assistant professor at the ASU School of Sustainability Affiliate, Center for Energy and Society, Center for Biomimicry. She is a political scientist who studies the political economy of alternative energy, focusing on biofuels and synthetic fuels. Her research investigates the drivers of alternative energy policy - including the role of interest groups, decision-making institutions, and information about science and technology - as well as the impact of energy policy on innovation and technological change. She is also interested in how energy and sustainability policies can incorporate systems thinking, including biomimicry and life cycle thinking. 

Tickets to the lecture are $5 each and will be available in the lobby of the Renaissance Theater beginning at 9 a.m.

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