Dr Sabat for webSteven SabatPh.D., a noted authority on Alzheimer’s disease, will be in PebbleCreek at 7 p.m. Friday, March 15, for the final Premier Lecture in LifeLong Learning’s 2018 - 19 season. A professor emeritus of psychology at Georgetown University, Sabat focuses his research on the remaining cognitive and social strengths of people with Alzheimer’s disease. He believes stereotypes about  Alzheimer's are detrimental to the morale of the individuals involved and interfere with the development of an accurate understanding of the patient's abilities.

In his book, Forget Memory Loss: People with Alzheimer’s Can Make and Retrieve New Memories, Sabat writes, “One cannot hear the words dementia or Alzheimer’s disease without hearing the term ‘memory loss’ uttered by professionals and nonprofessionals alike in their attempt to describe the dysfunctions involved." Most of us think that Alzheimer’s and memory loss go hand-in-hand, yet Sabat says that is inaccurate.

Sabat will explore different aspects of memory and ways to retrieve information from memory. He will discuss the nature of memory problems that Alzheimer’s creates, as well as what memory capabilities remain intact throughout the various stages of the disease. Additionally, he will shed light on the faulty assumption that those with Alzheimer’s can neither remember recent events nor learn and retain new information. Most importantly and on a positive note, Sabat will share productive and meaningful ways to interact with loved ones diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Sabat is a three-time recipient of the Edward B. Bunn Award for Excellence in teaching at Georgetown. He is the author of The Experience of Alzheimer’s Disease: Life Through a Tangled Veil, and co-editor of Dementia: Mind, Meaning and the Person. 

Tickets to all Premier Lectures are $15 per person and may be purchased as of Oct. 1 online, before any Monday Morning Lecture, or at the LLL Center during office hours.


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