Sergei Sikorsky Talks About His Dad 

Sergei Sikorsky

Sergei Sikorsky, the son of Igor Sikorsky, founder of the legendary Sikorsky Helicopter Company, will present the riveting story of this American icon at 7 p.m.  Friday, March 16.  Igor Sikorsky was a scientist, engineer, pilot and entrepreneur,  who made fixed-and rotary-wing aviation history using a mix of genius, determination and humanity.

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, in 1889, Igor Sikorsky wrote that his dream of aviation began when he was 11, after reading a story by Jules Verne. He built his first helicopter in 1909, six years after the Wright brothers’ first flight, followed by other models, as well as a fixed-wing aircraft, the first four-engine aircraft in the world. 

H-2 Helicopter 1910H-2 Helicopter 1910 By the start of World War I, Igor Sikorsky's airplane research and production business in Kiev was flourishing, but after the Bolshevik revolution, he was forced to flee for his life. He arrived in America in 1919, impoverished and out of work, but by 1923, he had founded Sikorsky Aero Engineering, dedicated to building helicopters.

One of America’s pioneering aerospace companies, the renamed Sikorsky Aircraft became part of Lockheed Martin Corp. in 2005. 

Sergei Sikorsky, retired vice president of Sikorsky Aircraft, started as an apprentice in the Sikorsky factory at the age of 16. He served as a helicopter mechanic with the U.S. Coast Guard in World War II, and spent the next 50 years in aviation.

Tickets to this presentation are $15 per person and will be available online Oct. 1. Tickets may also be purchased at the LLL Center, before any Monday Morning Lecture and may be available at the door of the Renaissance Theater on the evening of the presentation.

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