A Unique Religious Journey

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Learning about religions deepens our understanding of other people, their cultures and ourselves.

First stop: Our journey begins at the beautiful Sikh temple called Nishkan Seva Gurdwara Sahib where we will be given an overview of Sikhism. Sikhism is a religion founded in India in the late 15th century.  Most of the estimated 25 to 30 million Sikhs in the world live in India and it is believed that one million live in the U.S. Its theology is based on a supreme God who governs with justice and grace and believes in equality and service to others.

You will observe a service and hymns in the Gurdwara, the place of Sikh worship. This will be a very interesting and eye opening experience.

Dress requirements at the Sikh temple: The religious beliefs of Sikhism require everyone to remove their shoes within the buildings, women are required to wear scarves (bring your own) to cover their heads (a simple 26" square scarf to cover the hair, not the face); men are required to have their heads covered. Men’s head covering will be provided as traditional U.S. caps are not acceptable.

Lunch stop: Following the Temple tour you will lunch at China Chili, one of the best Chinese restaurants in Phoenix.

Afternoon stop: The Arizona Jewish Historical Society is located in the restored original synagogue in Phoenix. It preserves and celebrates the rich heritage of the Arizona Jewish community and educates the public about the Jewish historical experiences and contributions to Arizona. After a presentation by Rabbi Jeffrey Schesnol, we will have a docent led tour of the current exhibit, “We Remember the Holocaust.”  The exhibit features new high tech three-dimensional interactive holograms and virtual reality. Only a dozen places in the world have this hologram experience.  

Trip Policy


DATE/TIME: Wednesday, Nov. 30, 9:15 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.

COST: $65