There are many opportunities to enjoy the arts from the safety of your home. This list is constantly growing; please send your ideas to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

Please note: LifeLong Learning at PebbleCreek (LLL) offers the following list of learning and teaching sites as a convenient reference resource to residents of PebbleCreek. LLL does not endorse or recommend any of these sites and does not make any representations about the quality, effectiveness, or value of these resources. LLL assumes no responsibility or liability with respect to the use of or contact with these resources.


Art Classes

There are many free classes and tutorials available online. Many are an introduction to a paid class but are still valuable. Here are a few:

How to draw your shoesa free class from, which also offers $15 classes in a variety of mediums and subjects. 

Tucson Art Academy Online is an online school. Sign up for emails to learn about free videos. They also offer mentoring and self-study courses. 

Kroll Roberts Studio offers online instruction. No free courses.


Broadway Shows

Enjoy Broadway shows from the comfort of your home on your Smart TV or computer.  Monthly or yearly subscriptions available.


Chihuly Glass 

The Desert Botanical Garden website has several videos of Chihuly describing how he creates his outdoor glass displays.


Film Festival

Experience a film festival like never before during this first-ever 10-day "We are One" global film festival co-curated by over 20 film festivals from across the world, May 29 - June 7. All funds raised during the festival will benefit COVID-19 relief funds. Films and programs added daily. Check back often to see new additions.



See the list of museums around the world on the LLL virtual tours of museums page. 


New Music

Learn to play songs by up-and-coming artists: Sirius XM has a series of video music tutorials by rising artists who show you how they made their songs.



The Phoenix Opera's 30-minute videos, originally prepared for students, will introduce you to the following operas:

The Metropolitan Opera in New York City streams operas every day, with new offerings every two weeks. Check the website to see what is streaming this week. 



Phoenix Symphony "Top Track" playlist: Sit back and enjoy the classical music from the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra

Phoenix Symphony – Learn more about the symphony and classic music

Choose from the many lectures presented by Professor Robert M. Greenberg, an American composer, pianist, and musicologist.