Enjoy various videos or websites about special places and venues in the Phoenix area, and outlying areas in Arizona, without leaving home. Choose your getaway destinations for a day trip or a few days.

For your viewing and reading pleasure, we have selected various web sites or YouTube videos.  The selections were made through searches of views you might like.  Click on the links to access the selection.  Feel free to search and click away to find more enjoyable items for your viewing or reading pleasure. Note: If an ad pops up, click the “x” to close the ad; or click on "skip ad".  Note:  To enlarge a YouTube video, click on the box in the right corner of the video; to exit the large screen, click on the double-lined cross.

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Goodyear and surrounding area

LLL MML presentation of "Goodyear - An Economic Hotspot", March 8, 2021  presented by the Goodyear City Manager, Julie Arendall

City of Goodyear Arizona Economic Development

Three Rivers Historical Society 

Litchfield Park Historical Society Museum


Phoenix Area Attractions

Commemorative Air Force (CAF) Museum, MesaExplore the planes and artifacts. Click here to take a look back in time at the WWII aircraft.

Hall of Flame Fire Museum in Phoenix: Several YouTube narrated videos to choose from, each showcasing areas of the museum.

The Heard Museum has videos of favorite performers and master artists as well as its quarterly publication Earthsong online. 

Musical Instrument Museum (MIM)Choice of MIM videos featuring presentations by curators, and concerts.

Phoenix Art Museum: Visit and learn about some of the art collections at the Phoenix Art Museum.

State Farm Stadium: See the stadium and find out what the field looks like from various seating sections. 


Lakes near Phoenix – take a few minutes to enjoy scenic drone videos on You Tube

  • Apache Lake – one of four reservoirs built in Arizona along the Salt River as part of the Salt River Project.  Located 65 miles northeast of Phoenix.
  • Saguaro Lake – part of the Salt River Project along the Salt River.
  • Canyon Lake - part of the Salt River Project along the Salt River.
  • Lake Pleasant
  • Bartlett Lake and Dam – part of the Salt River Project.
  • Roosevelt Lake - part of the Salt River Project along the Salt River.

Around the State

Arizona: Learn the facts and figures about the 48th state from the Arizona Secretary of State's website. 

Arizona Geography: How much do you know about the very varied landscape of this state? Visit the University of Arizona's website for the Arizona Geological Survey and click on areas of interest.

Canyon de Chelly National Monument: Enjoy soaring with the spirts through the canyon, sensing its special history. Located in the northeast corner of Arizona on Navajo Nation Land, this National Monument was authorized in 1931 by President Herbert Hoover.  It preserves 84,000 acres of archeological resources that span more than 4000 years of occupancy by Native American peoples. You can learn about Canyon de Chelly at the Ancient History Encyclopedia

The Grand Canyon: See beautiful scenes from the North and South rims on the National Park Service website.

Grapevine Mesa Joshua Trees National Natural LandmarkArizonaLocated in the northwestern corner of the Mojave Desert, it is known as the densest and largest forest of its kind.

Lowell Observatory programs: A wide variety of videos are available on YouTube.

Meteor Crater, Arizona, East of Flagstaff Visit the website.  Learn about the best-preserved meteorite impact site on Earth, the result of a collision that rocked the American Southwest approximately 50,000 years ago.

Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona: YouTube video presented by “Rock the Park”

YouTube Videos

At YouTube.com there are numerous videos to find, for example:

Search “playlist” for Arizona state parks; Arizona opera; Saguaro National Park; Globe, Arizona; Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station; Vermillion Cliffs National Park.