LLL Thanks PebbleCreek's Photographers

Arizona sunsets. Monsoon clouds. Roadrunners and mountains.  When LifeLong Learning asked residents to submit their photos for use on LLL's website and in LLL's printed SCHEDULE, so many wonderful photos were submitted, it was hard to decide which should be featured on the SCHEDULE cover, the primary marketing material of the season.

Then we received a photo of juvenile owlets peering down from their nest in a palm tree near Toscana’s and we knew we had a winner.

“My husband thought I was a bit crazy to go over at sunset so many nights to capture these babes, once they awoke. But it was great fun,” said Ruth Bindler, who took the photo that appears on the schedule's cover and in the banner of our website's home page (see above.) Bindler is receiving two tickets to a premier lecture of her choice. 

(See other photos, submitted by PebbleCreek photographers, on the photo gallery page.)

Two premier lecture tickets also go to Bill Fenster, whose photo of grasses catching the sun appears as the cover of the program for Premier Lectures; and to Ali Arendsee, whose photo, “Birding at the Verde River”, enhances the Sunday Series program cover. Their photos also are headers for the  SCHEDULE and website.

In addition, LifeLong Learning is giving two tickets to a Monday Morning Lecture to the following photographers, whose photos appear as website and/or SCHEDULE headers: 

Barb Fenster, “Monsoon Clouds,” Monday Morning
Robert Hislop, “Protection by Cholla,” Classes
Doug Jamiolkowski, “Viewing the Echinopsis Oxygona Cactus Flowers From Below,” Calendar
David Kiesling, “Sunset in the White Tanks,” My Profile
Ronald Richter, “Backyard Sunset,” About Us 
Kathy Smith, “Storm Clouds Over Sedona,” Trips
Lynn Warren, “Hikers,” Donate

Several photographers submitted multiple, impressive photos, but we felt it only fair to limit our selection to a single photo per person. We also hope to repeat this contest next year, so keep those cameras handy. Remember that we need high-resolution photos (minimum of  3 mg) and that a horizontal image  works better for our needs. 

We’ve created a web page to display at least one photo from each photographer, and we thank everyone for submitting their photos.