15 years and still growing!

Are you aware that this is LifeLong Learnings' 15th season?   

It started with a small group getting together and forming the PC Education Club, back in 2004.  Our first president, Priscilla Naworski, led the club in beginning our educational offerings - three lectures in the first season. Soon volunteers began to show interest and joined the club, introducing new programs, first trips and classes, then meet the author programs, the PC Book Club, TED Talks, the Sunday Series and more!

We have done some utterly amazing things in our 15 seasons of existence, growing from those three lectures to this season's large and diverse offerings. Our success rests on several foundations, which include the support of over a hundred dedicated and hard-working volunteers to help plan, develop, and carry out our programs throughout the year, and the support of our audiences and the folks who steadily buy tickets and also donate to us, to help support what we do.  

LifeLong Learning is a gem for the PebbleCreek community, and we look forward to it continuing to shine brightly for you for many years to come. Why not help keep the light shining with a $15 (or more!) contribution in honor of our 15th season?