PebbleCreek residents share knowledge 

LifeLong Learning at PebbleCreek thanks the following residents who teach classes, lead Great Decisions sessions and lecture at Monday Morning Lectures and Premier Events. 

Dru Bacon: The Energy Revolution
Linda Bolon: Co-existing with Coyotes
Richard Cameron: Vietnam Veterans Panel
Steve Chealander: Aide to President Reagan
Admiral Vern Clark: U.S. Navy and Worldwide Situations
Dr. Otis Cross: Healing
Dan Danner: Religions of the World
Nancy Davis: Celtic Harpist
Raymond Davis: The Real CSI
Ron Davis: Drug Enforcement Agency
Duane Deacon: Tiananmen Square
Mike Der Manuel: Vietnam Veterans Panel
Jacques Drabier: Aliens
Dick Falor: Colonies to Casinos
David Hand: Walt Disney Animation   
David Hungerford: North Korea's Nuclear Program
Mary Lacy: JonBenet Ramsey Case, Sexual Abuse in College Sports
Jerry Layne: Ventriloquist
Annamarie Lontz: Air Marshals
Dr. Dwight Moore: A Psychologist's view of why we Harass                                                       
Joe Newton: Motivational Speaker:The Long Green Mile
Dan Palmer: Mud Engineer
Cliff Pappas: Food Safety
Louis Perrinello: Heart Transplant 
Andrew Phelka: Health-Related Topics (Son of PC residents)
Dan Phelka: Quality in Everyday Life
Mick Rizk: Vietnam Veterans Panel
Don Richter: Secret Witness
Pat Rosol: Flew with Celebrities
Jim Sharp: Vietnam Veterans Panel
Dr. Richard Shildt: Cancer, A Scientific Talk in Layman’s Terms
Marilynn Smith: Professional Golfer
Vince Tobin: Former Arizona Cardinals Football Coach
Lou Tronzo: Vietnam Veterans Panel
Bob Young: The Energizer Bunny


Dru Bacon

Dick Falor

John Moore

Linda Bolon

Bill Fenster

Joe Naworski

Sarah Bradburn

Gene Fioretti

Priscilla Naworski

Elliott Bross

Lew Goldring

Andrew Phelka

Rob Clemens

Carl Haliday

Tom Schull

Don Clinkinbeard

Ross Hart 

Suzanne Schultz

Flora Conley

Lenny Harris

Gail Shank

Beth Clymer

Connie Hatfield

Kitty Shidt

Stan Dart

Ted Ingalls

Mary Thomas

Edna DeFord

Madeline Johnson

Henry Tom

Sandy Donovan

Linda Kesselman

Fred Williams

Dick Falor

Mike Kramer

Lori Yamasaki

Debbie Harbinson

Cathy Lindstrom

Donna Wisnoski

Mel Donahue

Claire Martin

Bob Young


Marty Chambless
Rita Earne
Bill Fenster
Barb Fenster
Alan Hatfield                   
David Hungerford
Carol Korzilius
Dennis Madder
Neill Martin
Les Minsuk
Bill Nee
Susan & Elliott Rudoy
Dana Thomas
Ron & Nancy Viano

Nancy Brown
Fred Williams

Flora Conley
Bill Nee
Shannon Tyree

Dianne Harmon, PC Reads Team Lead
Keith Martino, PC Reads Non-fiction Team Lead
Lorna Bray
Nancy Brown
Ruth Clark
Alice & Cary Haywood
Emily Grotta
Chris Gruenenwald
Alice Haywood
Faye Malnar
Susie Nee


As of May 12, 2023