Class offerings give you an opportunity to expand your world and keep learning.  Browse and read about many of them now from the Classes drop down menu or the links below.


Great Decisions returns in January 2022

Oct. 7: Introduction to Genealogy   Class sold out 

Oct 28: Introduction to Genealogy  New class added by popular demand

Nov. 4: Eastern European Genealogy  Class sold out

Nov. 9: Brewing Beer at Home

Nov. 10: Gluten Free Lifestyle

Nov. 16: Cell Phone Photography

Nov. 16: Artisan Bread Making

Nov 18 and Dec. 2: Introduction to Database Research - Genealogy

Dec. 14: Baguettes

Jan. 11-18-25: Beginning Photography - Three part class

Jan. 12: Intriguing World of Gemstones

Jan 18: Pasta from Scratch

Feb. 3: Electric Cars are the Future

Feb. 10: Social Security Planning

Feb. 15: Homemade Neapolitan Pizza

Feb. 17: Reconstruction: Its Lingering Impact

Feb. 24: Arizona Railroad History