Now that you are retired, perhaps you have a little more time to try things you didn't have time for before. What areas and interests would you like to explore? LifeLong Learning at PC offers classes on a wide variety of subjects. Classes are limited in size to allow students to interact with the presenters and their fellow classmates. 

Registration is required for all classes. Please follow the link to the pages of the classes you are interested in to find out more about the class and use the links on those pages to register.

Artisan Bread, Gene Fioretti:  Learn to bake beautiful bread in a morning. 

Baguettes, Gene Fioretti: An intermediate class for those who have taken his artisan bread class.

Car Buying 101, Michael Willand:Take the mystery out of your next purchase.

The Colorado River Delta, Dr. David Sussman: See the extraordinary beauty and fascinating geology of the river where it ends at the Gulf of California.

Critters in Our Desert, Ted Ingalls: Learn about the critters on the trail and around your home. 

Drumming and Meditation, Alan Hoxir: Learn a new way to wellness.

The Enneagram Self-Assessment, Becky Rhodes: An introduction to this tool to give you greater understanding of yourself.

Flower Arranging: Instructors from Thompson’s Flower Shop will bring the flowers, vases and other supplies you will need to create a beautiful arrangement.  

Great Decisions: A SATURDAY session has been added to this eight-week discussion program focusing on critical issues facing America. 

History of American Quilting, Donna Wisnoski Edna DeFord: Learn how quilts have evolved from strictly utilitarian articles to objects of art.

Instant-Pot Cooking, Madeline Johnson & Gail Shark: These new appliances are not your mother's pressure cooker.

Native American and White Conflicts, Dick Falor: Learn about the major conflicts and their legacies that last through the present.

Pasta from Scratch, Gene Fioretti: Learn how to make delicious fresh pasta.

Petroglyphs and the Hohokam, Karen Lloyd D'Onofrio: These mysterious rock carvings can be found throughout Arizona, but no one has ever definitely determined what they mean.

Saving the Monarch Butterflies, Flora Conley, Ross Hart & Natalie MelkonoffBring these beauties into your yard and help prevent their extinction.

Your Soocial Security Benefits, Jack Burns: How to maximize those benefits you've earned.