Now that you are retired, perhaps you have a little more time to try things you didn't have time for before. What areas and interests would you like to explore?

LifeLong Learning at PebbleCreek offers classes on a wide variety of subjects. Classes are limited in size to provide an excellent way for students to interact with the presenters and their fellow classmates. 

Registration is required for all classes, even those that are free. Please follow the link to the pages of the classes you are interested in and use the links on those pages to register.

Learn to Bake Artisan Bread in a Morning: Gene Fioretti
Once again PC's master baker invites you into his home to learn how to bake beautiful breads. This one-session class will be offered twice; see the dates on the class page.

Ballet: Learn About Cinderella: Joseph Cavanaugh
Meet one of Ballet Arizona’s professional dancers to hear firsthand about the extreme hardship, as well as the exuberant joy of bringing ballet to life, with a focus on Cindrella, the ballet that will be seen on the LLL trip.

Birds of PebbleCreek: Tom Schull
Want to know more about the birds that hang around your neighborhood? Learn how to identify them and how to become a "birder." 

Canada, Our Neighbor to the North: Rob Clemens
Many Americans are unaware of Canada’s diversity, linguistic history, or the unique contributions Canadians have made to American society. Learn about our similarities and the differences between the two countries.

Driving High Performance Cars: Don Clikinbeard
Whether you own a Corvette, Mustang or Porsche or just wish you could, learn how to get the most driving pleasure from high-performance vehicles. This one-session class will be offered twice; see the dates on the class page.

Drones: Past, Present and Future: John Mullen
How are drones being used today, and what does the future hold for these unmanned aerial vehicles? Attend the class and see a demo next to the LLL Center. This one-session class will be offered twice; see the dates on the class page.

Great Decisions: Carole Korzilius, coordinator
Choose one of five meeting times to join the eight-week discussion program focusing on different critical issues facing America in a program created by the Foreign Policy Association.

Humor: How to Prevent Hardening of the Attitudes! Debbie Harbinson
Learn that laughter has many benefits, including better health, happiness, less stress and even better relations among countries.

Interior Design: Suzanne Schultz
Want to update your home but don’t know where to begin? Learn the basics of interior design so your home reflects you.

Opera, The Barber of Seville: Joshua Borths 
Learn what to listen and watch for in Rossini’s greatest masterpiece, The Barber of Seville, from the stage director of the production.

Pasta, Homemade: Gene Fioretti
Learn the art of homemade pasta and enjoy delicious samples. This one-session class will be offered twice; see the dates on the class page.

Understanding the Current Energy Transformation:      Dru Bacon 

There’s lots you can do beyond solar panels to save energy and help solve the climate problems we all face. Learn what you can do as well as what is happening in agriculture and industry.

World of Roses: Clair Martin
Learn the long and fascinating history of roses and how they are grown in Arizona’s heat, and how they tolerate the desert heat by taking the summer months for a rest from blooming.