We welcome your ideas to broaden our content!

Do you know that some of the best programs, classes, lectures and trips offered by LifeLong Learning began when someone said, "What if we...." We are looking for educational topics that will challenge and stimulate attendees and open minds to new ideas or points of view.

PC Reads is a program that started with an idea. And many of our most successful speakers and teachers came from ideas suggested by residents.

If you have ideas about trips or classes, please send them to info@lifelonglearningatpc.org, and we will send them to the appropriate team. See below for more specific ideas for lectures. 

Know a great speaker? 

If you know of a great speaker who might be of interest to our community, the LLL Lecture Team would love to hear from you! Residents have recommended many speakers for Monday Morning and Premier Lectures. The LLL Lecture Team is always open to your suggestions.

>  Please complete the quick and easy LLL Lecture speaker-recommendation form available HERE.

The lecture series has been a successful and enjoyable program and would not be possible without the help of the PC community.

See the speakers who were suggested by residents for the 2019/2020 season.

Here are some of the things we look for in a speaker:

Speaker Traits
  • Knowledgeable in area of expertise.
  • Engaging and dynamic with excellent speaking skills.
  • Previous speaking experience for the purpose of educating, inspiring, entertaining.
  • No political, philosophical, or religious “agenda.”