We took a safari during the last Monday Morning Lecture of the year

Fred   Single in Hat

The thrill of surviving the charge of an African bull elephant or paddling a canoe within inches of a hippo will came alive when artist and wildlife expert Fred Krakowiak came to PebbleCreek at 10 a.m. Nov. 13.

An authority on wilderness safari on foot, Krakowiak  lead us on a virtual safari, bringing the magic and mood of Africa to the Renaissance Theater. He believes that traveling in Africa is all about total immersion—in a place where life is narrowed to what is immediately before your eyes.

Krakowiak snaps hundreds of photographs on each safari and records the sounds he hears. He makes several sketches that he uses when he returns home to create his artwork, some of which is done with bronze or with oil on copper.

lionKrakowiak believes no creature alive sits completely still to have a portrait painted or photographed, and his artwork and photography is all about spontaneity and movement. His formal training is in the ancient art of Sumi (pictures in ink), which requires artists to learn from their mistakes and omit details, so that what is missing is as important as what remains. That allows viewers to become involved in the painting, by filling in the missing details with their imagination, and to experience the power of action at that exact moment.

Recognized as a leading nature and wildlife artist Krakowiak has spoken and presented his art at numerous zoos and museums across the U.S. Commissioned by private collectors all over the world, his artwork can also be found on his website. His work is all about spontaneity and movement, as is the Africa he sees with his artist’s eye. His passion is to capture the experience of seeing these amazing animals, their motion, their magic, and their place in the untamed world.  

The author of two books, Africa: An Artist’s Safari and The Artist’s Safari, Krakowiak was inspired to capture African wildlife due to his awareness that one day his artwork and stories may be all that remain of these majestic creatures.  

Tickets to all Monday Morning lectures are $4 at the door of the Renaissance Theater.

For more information see his website.