tedingallsLearn about the insects and animals around your home and in Arizona’s various landscapes during a two-session seminar that will both delight and challenge you.

Using slides, notebooks, discussion and in-class exercises, PebbleCreek’s Ted Ingalls will teach you how to deal confidently with critters around your home and with animals that may confront you while exploring Arizona's various landscapes. You’ll learn how to survive without incident or injury, recognize snakes that might be hazardous and what to do when they’re met. He will teach you how to recognize javelinas and Gila monsters and how to deal with scorpions, ticks, coyotes and more.

For seven years, Ingalls gave training sessions on poisonous, stinging and disease-carrying animals to all Phoenix Water Department field personnel. Training included identification, prevention and treatment protocols.

Ingalls is the former president of Performance Management Consultants. In PebbleCreek, he has given management and leadership seminars, conducted community-related surveys, taught several LLL classes and served on strategic planning committees for LLL and the PCHOA.

DATE/TIME: Wednesday, Feb. 6 & 13, 1-2:30 p.m.



COST:   $30


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