In April 2021, the PCHOA Board of Directors assembled a Transition Advisory Group (the “TAG”) to identify and analyze what will be necessary for a successful transition from Developer control. The participants in TAG were selected by the resident board members at that time.

If home sales continue at the present pace, PebbleCreek may be sold out in the next few years, so the TAG members are thinking today about transition in the future, starting with all the questions that need to be addressed and an assessment of what is needed in order to run the community. Our HOA is a business and functions like a small city, with ultimately over 10,000 residents – so there is a lot to consider in making the ultimate transition successful. Some homeowners have also had questions about what happens at Transition.

To help homeowners better understand what transition is and what actions take place before transition, at the point of transition, and after transition, LifeLong Learning is offering a special class – Transition 101. The class will also briefly cover the legal aspects of transition and the specified roles of the Developer (also called the Declarant) and the HOA and homeowners.

On Tuesday, April 25, 2-3 p.m., Paul Polk and Cathy Lindstrom will present PCHOA Transition 101. Polk, who spent 9+ years as Executive Vice President of ACE Property Management, has a wealth of experience in helping HOA’s transition from developer to homeowner control. Based in San Jose, CA, ACE Property Management provides a complete range of management services to common interest developments, such as residential homeowners associations and commercial property owners associations. Now retired here in PebbleCreek, Paul continues to share his knowledge and management expertise as an advisor to the TAG. Lindstrom is currently Chair of the Transition Advisory Group. Before moving to PebbleCreek, she was a Vice President at John C. Lincoln Health Network, overseeing clinical and support services at one of the Lincoln hospitals. She also had a private practice in clinical psychology for 10 years, before finally retiring to PebbleCreek, where she has been active in a number of clubs. She currently sits on Rules Committee.

Transition 101will be held in the Eagle's Nest Ballroom. This presentation is free to homeowners in PebbleCreek.  While the class is free, registration is required.

To register please add your name to the attendance list by sending an email with your name and phone number to: Cathy Lindstrom.

NOTE: Registration is full for PCHOA Transition 101 on April 11, 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.

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