Monday Morning Lecture topics are sure to pique your interest, give you a lot to think about and inform you about some new and very relevant issues. You will hear outstanding speakers on a variety of topics in the Tuscany Falls Renaissance Theater.  The lectures begin at 10 a.m. and cost $5 at the door.  Each lecture lasts 60-90 minutes and most will have closed captioning.

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The theater is equipped with a loop system which is a special type of sound system for people who use hearing aids. The loop system provides a magnetic wireless signal that is picked up by a hearing aid when it is set to the T-setting (telecoil). Many hearing aids are equipped with telecoil technology.

Feb. 6: What has Happened to News Reporting

Feb. 13: Growing Goodyear – The Future is Bright

Feb. 20: Living to be 100 - Lessons from the Blue Zone

Feb. 27: Lecture cancelled

Mar. 6: From Civil Rights to Human Rights

Mar. 13: Arizona’s History and Legends

Mar. 20: The Right to Vote in America


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If you know of a great speaker who might be of interest to our community, the LLL Lecture Team would love to hear from you! Residents have recommended many speakers for Monday Morning and Premier Lectures.  If we use a speaker that you have recommended (and not currently on our list) we will offer you TWO FREE TICKETS to a Premier Lecture next season.  Use our quick and easy form availableHERE.