Jan. 7 Route 66Marshall Shore will take us on a journey down U.S. Route 66 at 10 a.m. Monday, Jan.7, in a multi-media presentation that includes music, video clips and Shore’s storytelling magic.

U.S. Route 66, known as the "Mother Road," was built in 1926 and ran from Chicago to Los Angeles. One of the original highways in the U.S. highway system, it quickly became one of the most famous roads in the U.S.

A major path for those who migrated west, especially during the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, the road supported the economies of the communities through which it passed. People doing business along the route became prosperous, due to the growing popularity of the highway, and those same people later fought to keep the highway alive in the face of the interstate highway system.

Now, only portions of the road remain, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation, a privately funded nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C., has named Route 66 one of America’s most endangered historic places.

Wigwam Motel Holbrook AZShore will share the history of Route 66 in Arizona, including the impact it had on the state during its prime, and what happened when the interstate ultimately bypassed some of the towns that drew life from the road.

Shore, known as the "Hip Historian," specializes in finding and sharing the most interesting bits and curiosities from the state’s past, including the semi-forgotten people, places and events that have helped to shape present-day Arizona..

Tickets to all Monday Morning Lectures are $5 at the door of the Renaissance Theater.

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