You are never too old to dream 

dreamer posterImpossible Dreamers is an exciting and inspiring documentary about senior athletes. The film features the legendary golfer, Gary Player, among others ages 60-94, as they strive to defy gravity in competition and life. The film illustrates not only what it means to be a champion, but also what it means to lead a life worth living.

Eric GoldfarbEric Goldfarb, a three-time Emmy-winning TV and film editor,  who created  Impossible Dreamers, will be in PebbleCreek at 7 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 4, to show an excerpt from the film and reveal his reflections on its making, how it changed his perspective on seniors and how we can all benefit from a positive attitude about aging. He will discuss the ups (gold medals, world records) and downs (surgeries, even death) that they encountered in the three years it took to complete the film. 

Goldfarb‘s passion is telling extraordinary, true stories. He was born in Scottsdale in 1974, graduated from the University of Arizona, and has been a TV editor for more than 20 years. His projects include:  Steven Spielberg’s Taken (2005), an Emmy-winning miniseries on alien abduction; The Amazing Race, which he edited for more than a decade; and Naked and Afraid, for which he was nominated for a 2017 Emmy.  

His wife, Jenny, the film’s producer, who heads the nonprofit Better World Film Group, will join him to talk about healthy eating, living with meaning and longevity.

Tickets to this presentation are $15 per person and will be available online Oct. 1. Tickets may also be purchased at the LLL Center, before any Monday Morning Lecture and may be available at the door of the Renaissance Theater on the evening of the presentation.

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