A woman of firsts


Susan Marie Frontczak Marie CurieTravel back in time to the year 1915 and meet Madame Marie Curie. Likely the most famous woman scientist, Curie (née Maria Skłodowska), changed the world we live in through her discovery of radium and radioactivity. Through collaboration with the medical community, Marie and her husband, Pierre, discovered and established the first successful radiation treatments for cancer.

Curie opened the doors of science to women worldwide. She was the first European woman to earn a doctorate in physics; the first woman to receive a Nobel Prize (for the discovery of radioactivity); the first woman to teach at the Sorbonne; and the first person to receive a second Nobel Prize (a feat not to be repeated for another half century.)

Marie Curie’s life is one that challenges our assumptions about what can be achieved by someone almost pathologically shy and possessed with unique intelligence coupled with strong perseverance.

At 7 p.m., Friday, Feb. 4, one of LifeLong Learning's most popular lecturers, Susan Marie Frontczak, returns to PebbleCreek as Madam Curie. She previously portrayed Eleanor Roosevelt and Erma Bombeck to sold-out audiences.

Through her in-character monologue and Q and A's as Marie Curie and Frontczak, she will honor the scientist, wife and mother, who felt more daunted by the chemistry of the kitchen than the laboratory.  This program also brings to light may of Marie's lesser-known contributions, both social and scientific - and the obstacles she faced along the way.

Admission to all Premier Lectures is $15 per person and can be purchased online or with cash in the lobby of the Renaissance Theater one hour prior to the lecture, subject to availability. Up to four admissions can be purchased in one transaction.

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DATE / TIME:  Friday, Feb. 4, 7 - 8:30 p.m.

COST:  $15

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